Serving Alumni Affairs and Alumni Associations

The best scenario for the best outcome results when SACL delivers its services with the full weight and support of the alumni association. We would partner to provide the SACL tools and services to the entire network of chapters, or just a sub-set.

Providing the tools in itself instantly breeds goodwill, as the chapters feel tangible appreciation. More practically, disseminating the SACL offerings will ease the burdens felt by chapter leaders yielding more sustainable leadership - both in retention and recruiting. In turn, the role of the association personnel is also more successful, enjoyable and sustainable.

SACL tools and services will provide a more effective two-way channel for providing access to documentation and materials. For example, most associations may post documents for chapter leaders to access online, but must patiently prod and wait for requested reports and pictures to be sent back to them. In the SACL environment, both parties have access to each other's materials, documents, reports and images at any time, as would employees in a company using the server.

More specifically, the association is equipped with an association-specific Library visible to all chapters, while each chapter maintains its own, Chapter-specific Library visible to its officers and the association. Looking down into the network, the association has a window into all chapter Libraries. However, looking back up, the Chapter only has access to its own Library and that of the shared association Library. This concept further applies to the Calendar and Contacts, minimizing the often unnecessary volleying of communications to get something done or confirmed.

These and any other SACL specialty tools and services may be provided to the network of chapters through the support of the association - or utilized internally. For example, an association may purchase a block of 160 Remote Chapter assistant hours, and then allocate them across network, or allocate some for itself. Just imagine, qualified help available at a moment's notice!

Lastly, due to economies of scale, SACL is able to do all of this far more cost effectively than can be done in house. You will be surprised! When working with SACL to set-up the network-wide infrastructure, there is little that the association has to do, ongoing support is included and it can be done in less than a month.

This is only the beginning! Learn more about our tools and services or contact us to get started!