Partnering with SACL provides a cascading list of undeniable benefits from the tippy top all the way down to the local alumni scattered across the country, and possibly even the world. See the benefits for the university, the alumni association, for the alumni association personnel, for the chapter leader and for the local alumni community.

For the University
Partnership with SACL enables colleges and universities to reach new heights in giving and rankings through greater alumni affinity.

  • Enhanced college/university image
  • Greater alumni participation in giving

For the Association
Partnership with SACL enables associations to meet – and exceed – goals and objectives:

  • Increased alumni participation
  • More accurate contact information for a broader swath of the alumni pool
  • Enhanced ability to control branding
  • Access to more willing volunteers to fill additional needs such as
    • Populating boards and committees
    • Serving as ambassadors
    • Performing admission interviews
    • Hosting fundraising events
    • Recruiting quality students
  • Healthier, more robust chapter network
    • More active chapters with fewer extinctions
    • Faster and less painful new chapter establishment
    • More sustainable chapters
    • More self sufficient chapters

For the Associaton Personnel
Partnership with SACL means a much more satisfying experience and a more effective performance by the association professional:

  • Opportunity to be seen as a true advocate
  • Enhanced access to chapter documentation and files
  • Increased ability to track and monitor chapter activity
  • Minimized fallout from chapter leader turnover
  • Access to a truly sustaining alumni chapter operational framework
  • Ability to draw from a sea of pre-existing sample documents, policies and files
  • More effective relationships with chapter leaders
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • More organized and standardized approach for working with each chapter

For the Chapter Leader
Partnership with SACL means greater enjoyment and continuity for the local chapter leadership.

  • Less personal time wasted on administrivia
  • More access to help on the volunteer’s time
  • Less time reinventing the wheel
  • More time with members, enjoying events and enhancing relationships
  • More professional chapter operation
  • Improved chapter image
  • Increased alumni community participation
  • Increased revenue for chapter operations
  • Greater leader retention and less painful leader recruiting

For the Local Alumni Community
Partnership with SACL means a much more enticing and productive experience for the local alumni community.

  • More enjoyable events
  • Greater opportunities for professional networking
  • More opportunity to interact with chapter leadership
  • More fun social experiences
  • More effective environment for influencing children to become the next generation of applicants

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