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Below lists a few sample tasks the Chapter Assistant can do for your chapter, association or a network of chapters through the support of the association. Everything listed below can be performed by a Remote Chapter Assistant. The Remote and Onsite mix offers onsite check-in assistance, depositing money, errands and more. Contact us to discuss what locations offer Onsite assistance.

Event Management
•    Prepare and distribute event notices
•    Venue evaluation and selection
•    Catering selections
•    Manage/design invitations
•    Conduct mailings
•    Manage event RSVP’s and inquiries
•    Maintain guest lists    
•    Prepare name badges and name tents
•    Prepare check-in list
•    Prepare speaker bios

Membership and Fundraising
•    Manage drives and communications
•    Issue/follow-up on renewal reminders and/or expiration notices
•    Receive and process applications
•    Make phone calls and manage phone tree

Database Management
•    Develop/maintain member databases
•    Integrate contact details from external sources
•    Periodically scrub data for accuracy
•    Communicate changes to association

Leadership Administration
•    Schedule Board/officer meetings
•    Prepare meeting agendas
•    Distribute meeting materials
•    Prepare appropriate reports
•    Take notes remotely and distribute

Website Maintenance
•    Maintain and update website
•    Publish events, articles, jobs, and newsletters
•    Manage website customization requirements
•    Act as webmaster and address inquiries

Communications and Social Media
•    Utilize all appropriate tools such as postal  mail, phone, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•    Perform and/or manage communication trees for events, fundraising, membership
•    Respond to phone calls  and email inquiries
•    Seamlessly act as chapter customer service
•    Perform as a liaison with the association

•    Annual reports for association
•    Event reports (participants, revenues, etc.)
•    Monthly online credit card transaction reports
•    Membership reports
•    Reports for board and officer meetings

•    Receive and process  payments
•    Make payments to vendors
•    Issue refunds
•    Download transactions into accounting software
•    Send tax deduction letters to membership
•    Assist in tax preparation

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