Chapter Subscription Services

SACL bundled the most critical tools into graduating packages available on a monthly subscription basis allowing the ability to purchase only what is needed.  Chapters have access to the following tools through a chapter-specific ClubHub - the “command center” for all of your chapter leadership management activity and SACL administration. All services are cloud-based with 24/7 access.

**SPECIAL NOTE – SACL subscription services are coming soon. Check back later or contact us to alert you to when subscriptions will be activated.**

Alumni Leaders Education Series
A constantly growing and evolving repository of guidance materials specifically designed to prepare and guide today’s alumni chapter leaders to triumph over various challenges of volunteer management.

Quick Start Stacks
An ever-expanding compilation of sample documents and interactive templates including event announcements, reference documents, sample policies, budgeting templates and much more specific to the operation of alumni chapters. Minimize or eliminate the time to develop documents from scratch.

My Chapter Library
A chapter-specific file storage system much like a server at the office. It provides a means to organize and maintain chapter materials, meeting minutes, reports, pictures and more in a manner that confidently transcends leadership or association turnover.

My Chapter Calendar
A chapter-specific, multi-layered, customizable Calendar dedicated to chapter scheduling and activities. It provides instant access for chapter planning and event scheduling while preventing against scheduling over important national or religious holidays, major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, or other significant events including the night before taxes are due.

My Chapter Contacts
A chapter-specific contacts database for organizing officer contact details as well as those of chapter vendors, partners and sponsors. It acts as a safe memory for maintaining the chapter’s contacts for banking, catering, website, venue and other relationships, also transcending officer turnover.

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