How SACL Can Help

After careful evaluation of the primary challenges faced by local chapter leaders - and ultimately associations - SACL was founded to directly alleviate the majority of pain associated with chapter operations, freeing the leaders to spend their precious time on the most enjoyable, growth-oriented activities.


SACL is well positioned to minimize, or in some cases, completely eliminate the other primary threats to survival. Through our personalized ClubHub, each chapter leader is able to access the tools, services and guidance to enhance survival – and more intentionally enable the chapter to flourish.


To mitigate the lack of training experienced by club leaders, SACL has created the Alumni Leaders Education Series specifically designed to prepare and guide today’s alumni club leaders to triumph over the various challenges they face. The SACL LinkedIn discussion group connects local club leaders and association professionals alike without geographic or educational institution boundaries to share best practices and ideas.


To diminish – or even eliminate – the towering administrative hurtles, SACL offers a vast library of pre-prepared checklists, templates, program frameworks and scheduling tools available through the Quick Start Stacks and our cloud-based, multi-layered My Chapter Calendar. Chapters even have access to administrative support through the Remote Club Assistant when they need it most.


To battle the lack of continuity, SACL established the Library, a chapter-specific, continuous, cloud-based, server-like program that is secure and available 24/7. It acts as an instantly accessible, centralized vault for the temporary or permanent safe keeping of records, pictures and more  - and survives local or association turnover.


Finally, with respect to overcoming the financial constraints so commonly oppressing local chapters, SACL has developed guidance documents to present various revenue modules employed by various chapters and associations across the country. Chapter leaders can also leverage SACL’s creative and efficient approaches to revenue generation on an event or situational basis to become self-sustaining.


SACL brings together the best practices of countless chapters and associations, positively impacts the morale of leaders and outcomes of events, and reduces the volunteer’s day-to-day operational burden through turnkey programs and tools. SACL is driving thriving networks.


Learn more about the benefits of SACL’s programs for associations and individual chapters.