“In Fully Funded, Stacie Hyatt has created something that previously didn’t exist. Gathering success stories from alumni clubs and chapters from institutions of all sizes, Hyatt has created a roadmap to help clubs overcome some the greatest challenges volunteer-driven organizations face. From finances to website and data management, to event planning and leadership transition, she shares proven tips for leading alumni clubs and chapters to success. Both alumni professionals and club / chapter leaders will find this first-of-its-kind book to be a handy resource filled with useful tips and examples.”
—Kathryn Greenwade, Vice President of the Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University


“As an avid reader and the Treasurer of the Wharton Club of Charlotte, I found Fully Funded a tour de force—a must-read, must-own, and, for many events / ideas in the book, a must-do for every alumni club leader. It has inspired me as the treasurer not only to buy insurance for our club but to plan bigger and better events and to give more of my time and talent. Stacie’s succinct ‘Make It Happen’ lists make it easy for us time-strapped volunteer leaders to implement her numerous creative and outrageously successful ideas.”
—David Chu, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equities for Willingdon Wealth Management, and Treasurer for the Wharton Club of Charlotte


“Stacie Hyatt has caught lightning in a bottle with Fully Funded. Vibrant, sustainable alumni clubs are essential entry points for future major gifts donors. Fully Funded will empower clubs to grow and thrive, unlocking a tremendous opportunity to match alumni resources with passions, which leads to “development magic.”
—Derek Dictson, Senior Director of Development at Auburn University


“As someone who has been deeply involved with running and growing an alumni chapter, I can wholeheartedly recommend this extremely practical book. It is filled with great ideas, best practices, and essential operating processes. I only wish I had known everything it contains before I began leading my local chapter. If you’re leading an alumni chapter, this book is your bible.”
—Greg Colandrea, CIO of YPO and President of the North Texas Chapter of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association


“Fully Funded is an invaluable resource for alumni volunteers and leaders who want to build thriving local alumni clubs. Stacie Hyatt has done a wonderful job of presenting the critical role alumni clubs play in engaging alumni and deepening their connection to their alma mater. She then lays out a comprehensive and actionable plan for club leaders to build an engaged group of local alumni by generating and managing the income necessary to build a thriving club. Stacie covers both sophisticated fundraising strategies (including how to utilize crowdfunding, mobile giving, and matching gifts) as well as the key tactical issues around managing expenses. Her insights include numerous helpful tips for club leaders regarding everything from how to negotiate favorable agreements with venues to event promotion, membership dues and benefits, sponsorships, insurance, and alcohol policies. Best of all, she has made it easy for alumni volunteers to put these ideas into action with helpful 60-Second Takeaways and Make it Happen Checklists.”
—Drew Clancy, President and CEO of Publishing Concepts; Past President of the North Texas Amherst College Alumni Chapter; and Past President of the St. Marks Alumni Association


“Stacie Hyatt has crafted the most useful and insightful guide to building a successful and enduring Alumni Chapter that you will ever find. Fully Funded is the result of more than ten years of impassioned research and interviews, augmented with hands-on management of alumni chapters. Stacie is a tireless champion of success through detailed planning and cooperation. It shows in her writing. I am honored to have had the opportunity to endorse her creation. She has provided the definitive template that will help your organization succeed and remain vibrant into the future.”
—Alden McCall, Initiator, Co-founder, repeat Past President and Past Treasurer of the Dallas Business Club; Past President of Thunderbird Dallas Alumni Chapter; and Past Board Member of the Thunderbird National Alumni Board


“Stacie dynamically presented how to engage all generations across multiple alumni networks at our annual leadership conference. Our Seminole Club leaders experienced her passion firsthand and are excited to learn more from this must-have resource!”
—Melissa McClellan, Director, Seminole Clubs at the Florida State University Alumni Association


“Fully Funded by Stacie Hyatt is a terrific how-to handbook for a huge, underserved sector: alumni chapters, representing tens of millions of college and university graduates. So many alumni hunger for more meaningful contact with their colleagues, but so many alumni chapters don’t have the information on how to set up and run alumni chapters. Fully Funded tells alumni in step-by-step fashion how to set up, fund, and operate an alumni chapter that really serves alumni, from interesting events to networking to sustainability. Full of checklists and examples gleaned from the author’s years of experience in the field.”
—Stuart Diamond, JD–MBA, Emeritus Professor at the Wharton School and best-selling Author of Getting More: How To Negotiate To Succeed In Work And Life


“Heartfelt thanks to Stacie Hyatt for sharing her perspective, expertise, and innovative initiatives, gathered from extensive research and personal experience as an alumna and as a humble, transparent and empathetic Alumni Club leader, across the United States. Fully Funded is an inspiring gift to all alumni and universities! Our leadership team is excited to learn more and to adopt the valuable advice and effective strategies Stacie generously shares to ensure sustainable growth for our community as we continue to develop and offer our alumnae opportunities to build meaningful relationships!”
—Dare Rosebery, Vice President of Leadership and Development, People Programs Group, Inc., and President of Colorado Ivy+ Women


“In 2016, alumni contributed over $10 billion to higher education, and alumni chapters are a key part of engaging these loyal supporters. Keeping alumni in touch with their classmates and establishing a vital network of professional and volunteer opportunities makes a real difference when it comes time to ask for support. In this groundbreaking book, Stacie has provided excellent and highly practical advice for both chapter leaders and their college and university partners. If you’re looking to amp up your alumni chapter engagement and effectiveness, this is the book to read.”
—Brian Gawor, CFRE, Vice President for Research at Ruffalo Noel Levitz


“As a leader for over ten years, I truly appreciate Stacie’s wisdom and guidance with our 501(c)(3) incorporation, annual state filings, and federal IRS forms. But after reading Fully Funded, I am humbled. Not only does it have these essentials, it truly stokes your aspirations for a successful club, providing a depth of knowledge and breadth of strategies you will find indispensable. It’s practical, effective, and inspirational—a must read!”
—Sean Lofgren, VP Business Development, Overwraps Flexibles; CFO and Past President, Northwestern University Kellogg Network DFW; five-time winner of Global “Club of the Year,” and 2015 “Kellogg Club Leader of the Year”


“Stacie has written a one-of-a-kind book on financial planning guidance for alumni clubs and associations; however, the principles, tools, and techniques Stacie recommends could certainly apply to other organizations, non-profits, and even small businesses! As a small-business owner, I was captivated by her ideas—she addresses everything from organizational structure to marketing, fundraising, and beyond. I am sure I will apply those ideas to my own business! This amazing book has practicality beyond alumni associations, but I would consider it a mandatory read for anyone serious about creating a thriving and robust alumni group.”
—Erin Botsford, CFP, CRPC, Founder and CEO of Botsford Financial Group, and Author of the best-selling financial book The Big Retirement Risk: Running Out of Money Before You Run Out of Time


“Stacie Hyatt has written the first-of-its-kind guide for running an alumni club, with important information for those of us who want to move our clubs to the next level.”
—Fred Brown, Partner at Tomlin Investments; Vice President of the Dallas Business Club; President for the Dallas Alumni Chapter of the Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University