Alumni Leaders Conferences Are Amazing
Many larger colleges and universities offer a conference, generally once a year on campus, for training and to boost morale of their volunteer chapter/club leaders. They offer exceptional value to the volunteers by:

  1. Providing an in-person connection to alumni relations staff,
  2. Offering information on programing and tools,
  3. Building a stronger support network among the volunteers, and
  4. Strengthening the ties to their alma mater.


Barriers to Attending
Every single volunteer leader should attend! However, many cannot often because of one or more of the following:

  1. Their college/university/fraternity does not offer one.
  2. A day or two off from work or from a family responsibility (such as caregiving) is not possible.
  3. It may be cost prohibitive, since many such conferences require all or part of the expenses (including travel and sometimes a registration fee) to be covered by attendees.
  4. The college or university may limit the number of leaders from a single chapter/club.


RIVAL Shatters the Barriers!
The RIVAL Workshop is built on overcoming the obstacles presented by the current alumni leaders conference model, while further enhancing it. The RIVAL Workshop is built on two foundational facts born by data and reality:

  1. Alumni leaders conferences are of the utmost value to volunteer leaders, though only a small fraction are actually able to benefit due to 1) lack of availability and 2) travel – time and cost.
    • No time off during the week is needed - it is a 1/2 day on the weekend.
    • It is so very inexpensive to attend - only $25.
    • ALL club leaders are welcome to attend, no limit.
  2. Data revealed by Alumni Spaces research states that a commonality of successful, active chapters/clubs is the ongoing relationships with chapter leaders of other local alumni clubs.
    • RIVAL Workshop is the ONLY training across different clubs or that applies localization to the content in existence.


The RIVAL Workshop expands access to the extensive benefits of an alumni leaders conference to ALL local volunteer chapter/club leaders and ambassadors; while bolstering their chance of success by providing a more extensive infrastructure of local leaders.