Simple Modern is a manufacturer of high-quality, insulated drinkware that has secured the licenses for many:

  •  college and university logos. as well as
  •  sorority and fraternity letters.

When Simple Modern products are purchased through SACL, SACL will donate up to 10% back to your chapter’s or organization’s scholarship fund or other charitable fund.* Further, if needed, SACL can also facilitate the entire payment and shipping processes so that the only transaction the chapter touches is coordinating how to receive the SACL donation.  

These make excellent fundraising items! If a chapter couples the automatic donation with up-charging the items by a few dollars, there is a very nice margin for fundraising.   

To order and trigger the donation,

  • First find the university products or Greek products of interest on the Simple Modern website.
  • Next, determine the desired product(s) name, size, color, quantity and price.
  • Lastly, determine if you will facilitate the selling/distribution of the items, or if you want that to be managed by SACL.**
  • Send an email to with the above information plus the name to which the donation check should be written and the address, if available at the time of order.

Talk with us about how we can facilitate an easy and profitable endeavor for the chapter or association!

*To qualify for the donation, a minimum order of 20 items is required. **If the chapter/association wishes to facilitate the individual sale and distribution of the items to alumni, then payment for the items will trigger the shipment to the chapter, followed shortly by the SACL donation. If the chapter/association wants SACL to post, track and distribute the items for a chapter, we are happy to.