Speaking Topics

Stacie Hyatt, our President and CEO, is a dynamic and requested speaker for alumni professionals conferences, alumni/volunteer leadership workshops and a wide range of other events. She brings the unique perspective of being a 15+ year volunteer chapter leader to the conversation. Presentations may be customized for the specific audience. The following list is not exhaustive, so if you would like to discuss an engagement or a topic not seen, feel free to contact us.

For Staff and Administration
These first presentations are geared more towards college and university administration and alumni professionals.

Second Only to Educating - This talk takes a look at recent data from several sources and hones in on why the role of alumni professionals, especially alumni relations professionals, is possibly the most important role at the university. It also touches on why the highest of priorities should be placed on the direct funding of tools, services and personnel to support alumni relations.

Walking in Chapter Leader Shoes - This presentation is more of a fireside chat among friends. The concept was conceived following a talk Stacie once had with an alumni association professional and an alumnus from the same institution, though neither of hers. She was speaking on behalf of her friend, the alumnus, and the support he needed. The talk did not go so well, and in hindsight the alumnus shared she was making a plea for help to which the liaison could not relate. This talk is an honest, bear all opportunity to get in the head of a volunteer.

For Everyone
Some topics are enjoyable and informative for any audience. The next several talks qualify. They are inspirational, educational, based on current research, and downright effective.

Unconditional Timeless Power – This is an inspiring, motivational talk about the power of the alumni network, and what an honor it is to be a chapter leader entrusted to safeguard and nurture that power. If embraced, alumni leaders can foster an amazing environment in which pivotal personal and professional connections ignite at any moment, changing the course of someone life forever.

No Generation Left Behind – A lively, interactive discussion regard how to most effectively engage all three primary generations. The topic includes understanding why groups behave the way they do, their preferences, and tips for making events and communications more enticing.

Secrets of Sponsorships – This talk takes the audience through understanding different types of sponsorships, benefits chapters and clubs can offer, how to structure sponsorship packages, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Text Giving Now for Everyone - A discussion of how mobile giving has evolved to be as quick and easy as it is today. The conversation explores how it works, the costs, and how to get is started. It is especially great for engaging younger alumni.

Modern Ways to Raise Scholarship Funds – This conversation walks the audience through a traditional concept with a modern twist. In addition to the tried and true methods, time will be spent on more current digital approaches in today's fundraising climate.

Effective On-Boarding of New Leadership – A discussion focused on the steps, materials, and timeline for bringing new chapter volunteers up to speed. Best practices are shared to make the process most effective and welcoming.

Becoming a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(7) Entity – This presentation reviews the definitions and primary benefits of the designations, as well as reporting, ongoing compliance requirements, revocation issues and expected costs the chapter or club might encounter. It also touches on fundraising opportunities only available to 501(c)(3) recognized organizations.

For 501(c)(3) Eyes ONLY – There are several opportunities to raise funds that are only made available to 501(c)(3) designated entities. This talk discusses the ones most applicable to chapters and clubs, typical eligibility criteria and the process to make it happen.

For Alumni Leaders Only
Topics that are either awkward or less weighty when coming from the alumni association may be more effective when delivered by a ‘peer.’ Stacie Hyatt is just the right engaging peer to interject personal experience, effectively driving the message home. Here are a couple such topics:

What EVERY Chapter Leader Should Know About Liability – This typically mundane, yet critically important subject is brought to life by the speaker sharing her personal experiences and near misses. The presentation includes types of coverage, standard policy gaps and solutions, and compliance. Special emphasis can be placed on the presence of alcoholic beverages at events. This can easily be customized to specific coverage.

Wow, You Have It Good! – While conducting research, Stacie repeatedly heard alumni association personnel saying how the chapters and clubs just do not use all the services provided to them. This talk revolves around the breadth of tools and services the alumni association makes available, how to make the most of it, and how it compares to others.