Square allows alumni chapters and groups to swipe credit and debit cards at events for quick and easy payment. It also provides a mechanism to log cash and check payments for reconciliation later.  

Through SACL, new Stripe customers can benefit from significant savings on the already attractive pricing model. Square charges 2.75% processing fee per swiped transaction and 3.5% plus $0.15 per keyed in transaction. Apple and Android pay are also accepted. There are no additional set-up or monthly/annual fees. Just pay for what you use.  

Through SACL and using this SACL link for Square, new alumni chapter accounts can benefit from NO PROCESSING FEES for the first $1,000 over the first 180 days.  

Visit the Square website to learn all about the services, then use this SACL link for Square to open a Square account to get the FREE PROCESSING benefit above! If you have questions, email info@sacleadership.com.