Outrageously Successful Ways to Fund an Alumni Chapter


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Outrageously Successful Ways to Fund an Alumni Chapter
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Acknowledgments xvii
Foreword xix
Preface xxiii

    A Network of Acceptance, Mutual Respect, and Timeless Power xxiv
    Local Chapters, the $17 Billion Prize xxv
    The Primary Culprits to Chapter Success . . . Are Fixable xxviii
Introduction 1

Part I: The Basics
Things That Might Need Funding 9
    The Bare Essentials 9
    Website-Related Expenses 10
    Stepping Up the Game 14
    Behind-the-Scenes Enhancements 23
    60-Second Takeaway 39
    Make It Happen Checklist 40

Coveted Resources from the Central Alumni Association 43
    The Chapter Liaison, Your Fairy Godparent 44
    Glorious Insurance Coverage 45
    The Foundational Website Platform 47
    The Annual Stipend—Great Seed Money 50
    Possible Project or Event Grants for Actual Cash Money 52
    The Ever-Popular Collegiate Merchandise 53
    A Real Gift—The Alumni Leaders Conference 55
    Access to Prominent Guest Speakers 58
    Other Opportunities to Benefit 60
    Keep the Support Flowing 60
    60-Second Takeaway 61
    Make It Happen Checklist 62  

PART II: The Broadest of Opportunities
Chapter Memberships—Great Foundational Income 65
    Defining Alumni and the Alumni Community 67
    Chapter-Specific Membership Benefits 70
    Membership Types à la Carte 71
    A Dartboard for Pricing Memberships 75
    When Local Membership Dues Are Prohibited 79
    60-Second Takeaway 79
    Make It Happen Checklist 81

Sponsorships Loved Far and Wide 83
    Cost-Relieving Gifts of Products, Services, or Venues 84
    A Smorgasbord of Sponsorships 85
    Sponsor Benefits and Packages 86
    Danger Zones, Pitfalls, and What Not to Offer 88
    Sourcing Sponsors 89
    Weaving a Compelling Story 91
    Keep Them Coming Back 95
    60-Second Takeaway 96
    Make It Happen Checklist 97

Traditional and Not-So-Traditional Fundraising 99
    Cash Campaigns Plain and Simple 100
    Merchandise Sale—Come and Get it! 103
    Auctions Interwoven into Other Events or Solo 105
    Crowdfunding Is a Crowd Pleaser 108
    Raffles Can Be Fun but Iffy 111
    Large-Scale Events: Large Work but Large Money 113
    The Last Act 115
    Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew 116
    60-Second Takeaway 116
    Make It Happen Checklist 118

Mobile Giving Now for Everyone, Big and Very Small 119
    The Modern Twist 120
    How It Works 122
    Cost Considerations 123
    Tips for Success 126
    60-Second Takeaway 128
    Make It Happen Checklist 129

General Events Are Still the Workhorse 131
    A Sexy Event Subject 133
    A Convenient Date and Time 134
    Determining Attendee Composition 136
    A Venue That Is Right in Every Way 138
    Winning Catering and Beverage Strategies 141
    Enticing Ticketing 145
    Other Elements Not to Overlook 148
    60-Second Takeaway 149
    Make It Happen Checklist 150

Photo Shoots for Today’s Digital World 151
    Headshots—A Must-Have for a Digital Presence 151
    Holiday and Other Themes Spice Up Marketing Efforts 153
    Considerations for Success 154
    Photo Shoot Pricing 155
    Wrapping Up the Loose Ends 156
    60-Second Takeaway 157
    Make It Happen Checklist 159

PART III: New Horizons for 501(c)(3) Chapters
Giving Days Are Sweeping the Country 163
    Advantages and Compounding Funds Up for Grabs 163
    Important Guidelines for Chapter Leaders 166
    Other Giving-Day Scenarios 167
    Flawless Campaign Execution 168
    60-Second Takeaway 170
    Make It Happen Checklist 171

Matching Gifts—Big Money Left on the Table 173
    Typical Exclusion Criteria 174
    Executing a Campaign 176
    60-Second Takeaway 177
    Make It Happen Checklist 179

Volunteer Grants Are Easy Money for Chapter Leaders 181
    Grant Allocation Methods 182
    The Process and Typical Exclusions: Pay Close Attention 185
    Landing the Grant 187
    60-Second Takeaway 189
    Make It Happen Checklist 190

PART IV: Operational Essentials
Promotion for Maximum Impact 195
    Know Your Target Audience 196
    Websites Remain the Anchor 201
    Surprise! E-mail Is Still King 204
    Social Media Is Not Optional 210
    Text Messaging, Not Just Twitter 221
    Don’t Ignore Print Media Just Yet 225
    Phone Calls Still Have Their Place 230
    Physical and Digital Third-Party Channels—Secret Weapons 231
    Blogs, TV, Radio, and Other Alternatives 237
    Best Strategies by Generation 238
    Ensure They Show Up 242
    Integrated Campaigns Are Most Effective 244
    60-Second Takeaway 250
    Make It Happen Checklist 251

Collecting and Handling the Money 253
    A Checking Account—The Most Basic Requirement 256
    Valid Business Documentation 258
    Credit Card Payments 101 263
    Payment-Processing Options 264
    60-Second Takeaway 267
    Make It Happen Checklist 268

State and Federal Tax Implications 269
    501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(7) and Tax Deductible Donations 271
    When to Pay Income Tax 277
    A Closer Look at Tax-Free Purchases 279
    Total Annual Receipts and Income Thresholds 282
    60-Second Takeaway 284
    Make It Happen Checklist 286

Why It’s Worth Every Minute 289
About the Society for Alumni Club Leadership (SACL) 293
Appendix: Free SACL Tools and Resources Available to Readers 295
Notes 297
About the Author 329

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