About SACL

The concept for the Society for Alumni Club Leadership (SACL) was conceived after its founder banded with a small group of fellow club leaders from other academic institutions to found the Dallas Business Club (DBC) in 2006. It was through exposure to the chapter leaders of what is now more than 25 clubs that she realized her struggles were echoed by one chapter officer after another. Where there is a consistent problem, there can be an efficient solution. It was then she resolved to establish SACL.

SACL offers back-end, turnkey tools and services to support local chapter leadership. Through partnerships with alumni associations or directly with chapters, we create an environment in which the role of alumni leaders becomes more enjoyable and sustainable. The result fosters greater retention, more continuity and easier leader recruitment.

SACL is the pioneer in providing the infrastructure, tools and coaching necessary to successfully operate and manage local alumni chapters from inception – and from the chapter perspective. We offer an online back-office complete with sample documents, customizable templates and guidance materials designed specifically for alumni chapters. These services are available through a monthly subscription. Additionally, we offer specialty services including administrative support, credit card processing and text donating on an as needed basis.

We work with associations or directly with individual chapters to facilitate highly functioning chapters – and drive thriving networks!

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