Benefits for Corporations
There are several benefits of sponsorship and here are a few:

  • Volunteer leaders are motivated people who are decision makers and influencers!
  • Each volunteer leader is also a consumer and a representative of a business and function.
  • Club leaders need stuff - venues, experiences, events, services, speakers and supplies to run the clubs!
  • Great opportunity to get in front of the title sponsor, UT Dallas!
  • You win amazing goodwill at the community to be banked for future benefit!
  • And possibly the biggest reason yet is recruiting. Many businesses and firms find it difficult to attract the top, young talent to Dallas. This is where supporting a strong alumni club culture is hugely beneficial. Such a community can be a significant draw to Dallas, personally and professionally – and is further compounded when there is a spouse involved.

General Sponsorships
There are four levels of general sponsorship for companies as follows with benefits:


















Specialty Sponsorships
In addition, your group can sponsor a specific part of the program, such as:

  • Welcome Bag Sponsor ($650 - 1 sponsorship available)
    • Put your group logo along with the conference information on the bags for EVERYONE to take
    • Additional benefits at the Bronze level
  • “Fully Funded” Book Sponsor ($250 - 8 sponsorships available)
    • Provide 10 ultimate alumni club reference books to attendees: the recently published “Fully Funded: Outrageously Successful Ways to Fund and Alumni Chapter”
    • Personally participate in the distribution of the books as door prizes.
    • Group name and logo on website, materials and announcements.

In-Kind Sponsorships
We have the further need for a few in-kind sponsors seeking exposure to this audience.

  • Lunch (1 sponsorship available) TAKEN
    • Donation of the lunch for all participants including food and drinks.
    • Additional benefits at the Platinum sponsorship level.
  • After Party Happy Hour Beer & Wine Sponsor (up to 2 sponsorships available)
    • Donation of beer in cans or bottles, and/or wine
    • Additional benefits at the Gold or Silver sponsorship level, commensurate with donation.
  • Coffee Break (1 sponsorship available)
    • Donation of coffee and/or mid-day snacks for the break.
    • Additional benefits at the Gold sponsorship level.

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