Chapter Specialty Tools and Services

In addition to the subscription-based tools and services, SACL makes available specialty tools and services on an as-needed basis. Associations may benefit directly from these services, as well as make them available across its network of chapters.

Like the subscription offerings, management of these tools happens through the association-specific AssociaHub and the chapter-specific ClubHub - the “command centers” for all of you chapter leadership management activity and SACL administration. All services are cloud-based with 24/7 access.

The Chapter Assistant
SACL provides convenient access to experienced administrative personnel to diminish – or even eliminate – the towering administrative hurtles of chapter and association operations. Just imagine being able to call upon instant, qualified help to provide temporary support for the alumni leadership weekend or any other activity when a set of extra hands would help.

Rediculously economical support is provided when convenient and only at the level needed. Pay by the hour or block of hours. No retainers, no annual contracts, an no expirations. Learn more about types of administrative services provides. Learn More!

Remote assistance is available everywhere, and onsite assistance is available in some markets. Ask us about your area. Get started now!

Credit Card Processing - with great rates! Just Compare.
Finally, the ability for associations to better enable chapters to take payments and donations without having to set up multiple complicated accounts is here! SACL enables the ability to set up a responsive, mobile, and website-friendly method of taking credit card payments - it even automatically deposits the proceeds directly into the desired checking account.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set-up the account, input where to transfer the money and make the page with the payment buttons. No set-up fees, no monthly charges and chapter friendly processing rates.  It is so easy, you will love it. Contact us to learn more!

Text Giving - 75% or more off of super low rates with SACL
Another gigantic milestone for association and chapter operations! Now, any group whether it is a non-profit or not, of any size, with any amount of financial activity can benefit from a texting-to-donate or texting-to-pay model. Once reserved for only those with mile deep pockets, SACL has scoured the globe for a chapter-friendly approach and emerged victorious!

Associations will love this! Only through SACL, chapters get a 75% or more discount on one of already most cost effective programs anywhere!

Assocaitions can establish its own account or an account for each chapter with its own texting payment phone number in minutes and for next to nothing through the SACL process. You will not find an easier, less expensive or more convenient method anywhere.  Contact us to learn more.

Insurance - Assocaition and chapter-specific plans across the nation
Whether the association wants coverage for its network, or its chapters are independent, SACL can help. Through our insurance partner, special event liability to full coverage is available at a great chapter-friendly price. Contact us to learn more.

Chapter Webpages  **Coming Soon**
This is a real treat for associations that do not have a website platform for its network of chapters. SACL will offer an exceptionally economical and professional solution that will make any association proud.  Web pages will be available in a single-page option as well as multi-page layout. Both options embrace responsive design, a modern feel, and are simple to populate using the fool-proof, association-branded templates. Let us know if you are interested in being a part of the beta test group.